Since the beginning of the pandemic, thousands of people have passed away, but with social distancing and isolating, it has been a challenge to do everything that you want to. This includes how you mark a person's life and how you visit your relatives at the cemetery.

There is one cemetery in Kingston New York that is helping to ease family members' pain, by assisting them with a virtual visit to the cemetery. Yes, they will help you visit your loved ones without leaving your home or if you are many miles away.

Which cemetery is helping mourners with virtual visits in Kingston New York?

Photo by Marco Rickhoff on Unsplash
Photo by Marco Rickhoff on Unsplash

The cemetery that is making this possible is in Kingston NY. This way to visit a loved one really resonated with me as my mom passed just as the COVID shutdown began, and as she is eternally resting a few states away, I wish I had this option to visit her. 

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What does a virtual visit to a cemetery involve?

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For this particular cemetery (from their website) a virtual visit is completed through FaceTime or Zoom. You do need to make an appointment for this service, but you can also order things like floral arrangements or plants for the gravesite as well. Visits (at this time) will only be scheduled Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM. Yes, there is a charge for this type of service.

Who uses this type of virtual visitation service?

Believe it or not, it is great for persons who are unable to leave their homes, due to physical limitations or for a family who lives some distance away.

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