The City of Kingston, Mayor Noble and the City of Kingston Police Department are working together to collect guns, with no questions asked.

If you happen to have a gun in your possession, whether it is in working condition or not, you can turn the guns in to police, no questions asked and in return, you will receive a gift card that you can use at Hannaford. The program is called "Groceries for Guns."

According to the press release from Mayor Noble's office, the following amounts will be exchanged for the guns:

  • $25 for any non-working gun, pellet gun, air rifle, replica, etc.
  • $200 for any rifle or shotgun in working condition (any caliber)
  • $300 for any working handgun
  • $400 for any working “assault-type” rifle

There is one change to this "buy-back" from other ones, because of Covid restrictions and safety measures there will not be an official drop-off location. City of Kingston residents can contact the police and arrange to meet at a location and time of your convenience.

If you have one of the firearms and you would like to turn it in you can set up an appointment by calling one of the following numbers:

  • Kingston Police Department anonymous tip line is 845-331-4499,
  • Or you can call Police Chief Egidio Tinti directly at 845-943-5766.

This program begins on Friday, March 26, 2021, and will be on-going. The Groceries For Guns exchange program has been made possible with help from the Boys & Girls Club, Center for Creative Education, Harambee, and the Kingston Police Commission.

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