He's a bit of a legend around the Hudson Valley and he was recently spotted grabbing a delicious meal in another New York location. There are so many celebrities that got their start right here in the Hudson Valley and it's pretty cool that they have such a strong connection to the area.

One local legend recently visited a diner in another part of New York, but it caused a big buzz even all the way back here.

What Hudson Valley celebrity was recently spotted out in New York?

I'll give you a few hints, but it should be pretty easy to figure out. He spent his childhood in Saugerties, he's been in movies like 'Taxi', 'Fever Pitch' and he's had a TON of success being a late-night television host. Do you know who it is yet?

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And the person is....

Glen Cove Diner and Cafe Facebook/Canva
Glen Cove Diner and Cafe Facebook/Canva

JIMMY FALLON, YES JIMMY FALLON. Many people around the Hudson Valley are aware that he spent his childhood here. Fallon was a very successful graduate from Saugerties High School and has always spoken very highly of the area.

Another interesting fact is that Fallon's father worked as a machine repair man for IBM in Kingston, how cool.

Where was Jimmy Fallon recently spotted in New York?

The popular late-night host was recently spotted at the Glen Cove diner which is located right in Glen Cove, NY. Fallon took a picture with the staff and everyone had a pretty big smile in it. The diner posted the picture on their social media page and many fans were wondering what the famous late-night host ordered.

What do you think he ordered? Imagine seeing him when you walked into work?

It's very cool to see him there and I wonder what celebrity we will see and hear about next.

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