The Hudson Valley is filled with unique hamlets, towns and villages. Some of them may be commonly known and pronounced while others remain a mystery or are harder to pronounce.

A mysterious Hudson Valley town was once known as "Wagendaal". One of the Hudson Valley's abandoned ghost towns still remains a mystery.

The most awkwardly named town in the Hudson Valley is hard to pronounce. There are even Hudson Valley towns that we refer to today and all know about but actually had different names in the past.

A Sullivan County, NY Town Is Known For Being The Second Smallest In Its Area

Canva, YouTube, Clint Alexander
Canva, YouTube, Clint Alexander

When visiting Bethel Woods Center for the Arts for their last concert of the season, I stopped by a hidden gem.

I came across Annie's Ruff Cut, only a few miles down the road from Bethel Woods. This restaurant brought me into a town that I had never been to before or even heard of, the town of Cochecton.

According to the Town of Cochecton,

"The Town of Cochecton comprises 38.06 square miles making it the second smallest town in Sullivan County."

I was surprised to learn that,

"It has several small hamlets, it has no cities or villages that lie within its boundaries."

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Can You Pronounce Sullivan County, NY's Second Smallest Town's Name?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

While seeing the sign of Cochecton, NY, I was trying to pronounce this Hudson Valley hidden town's name correctly.

The Town of Cochecton also shared,

"Previous writings indicate that Cochecton was either the first or the second permanent settlement in Sullivan County."


"Records show that a group of exploring Swedes, who traveled from Connecticut, settled along the Delaware River in either 1638 or 1639 where the hamlet of Cochecton presently exists."


"Cochecton’s fertile flats (“Cushetunk” as it was called by the Indians meaning “low lands”) were abounding in fish, fur and game."

According to How To Pronounce.Com, Cochecton, NY could be pronounced as

Cuh-Shek-Ton or Cow-Shek-Ton

However, How To Say.Com pronounced Cochecton, NY differently, 


Have You Ever Heard Of Cochecton, NY Before?


Upper Delaware Scenic Byway shared historic information about Cochecton, NY

"The town was formed from the Town of Bethel in 1828. The Town of Delaware was formed from part of Cochecton in 1869. "


"The town once had a station on the Binghamton branch of the Erie Lackawanna Railway, but passenger service on this branch ceased in 1971; the branch has since been taken over by Conrail. More recently, various proposals were made to restore service on the line, but none have yet been adopted."


Did The Cochecton Family Have Anything To Do Wth The Town's Name?

Canva, YouTube, Clint Alexander
Canva, YouTube, Clint Alexander

The Town of Cochecton shared information about the Cochecton Family.

"During the mid-l9th century leather tanning was an active industry in Sullivan County and the site of one of the larger tanneries was in Stevensburgh (Cochecton Center), constructed in 1840 by Alfred and Fletcher Stevens, who purchased a parcel along the western branch of the Ten Mile River where both hemlock and water were in abundance. "

The local tannery employed about 30 workers during its successful operation. Leather that was produced in Sullivan County, NY was once used during the Civil War by the Union Army. In time, farming also became a "major industry in Cochecton" and also had hotels in the area too.

How do you properly pronounce Cochecton, NY? Are there any other Hudson Valley towns that you don't know how to correctly pronounce? Tell us more below.

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