Over the past few years, grocery stores have changed. While some customers are happy with the changes, others aren't impressed.

We may have noticed the increased amount of self-checkout options in stores. From the people I have talked to, they enjoy using the self-checkout options instead of waiting for a cashier.

However, other customers prefer to chat with a cashier, ring up coupons, have their groceries packed and be on their way. Depending on the amount of groceries, I use both of the checkout options in grocery stores.

What Stores Have You Noticed Have More Self Check Out Options?

Walmart Posts Strong First Quarter Earnings
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Throughout the past few years, I noticed major chain retailers expanding their checkout options. 

I watched grocery stores within the Hudson Valley add more self-checkout options along with Target, CVS, Five Below and Walmart. I notice the lines at these stores are usually customers waiting to make their purchases in the self-checkout section.

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A Major Retailer Is Cutting Back Checkout Options At New York Stores


This major retailer is one of my favorite chain stores to shop in. The prices are inexpensive, there's a wide variety of items to purchase and the associates make it a pleasant experience.

At times, I can find nostalgic candy and gum at a low cost at this chain store. When shopping at these locations, they have customers squeeze whatever squishy toy is on the counter to get the attention of the associate. At times, these associates are busy working on the floor when customers are not waiting in line. 

It's fun to be able to squish a silly toy to get the attention of a hard-working employee and then be able to chat about this experience.

However, this experience has been taken away at select major retailers who chose to add self-checkout options, depending on each store.

Dollar General Cuts Back on Self-Checkout Options In Participating Stores

CNN shared that Dollar General added self-checkout stations to "approximately 19,000 stores."

"The company also piloted stores with only self-checkout options and no cashier lanes. Like other retailers, Dollar General bet self-checkout would reduce its labor costs and speed up checkout for customers."

CNN continued to share, 

"The company revised its self-checkout strategy to improve sales and cut down on merchandise losses, known as “shrink.” Shrink includes shoplifting, employee theft, damaged products, administrative errors, online fraud and other factors."

They explained that certain retailers have been losing money with self-checkout options, largely due to shoplifting and guest errors when checking out.

What Other Retailers Have Cut Back On Self-Checkout Options?

CNN explained to Five Below that they had an increase in shrinkage at their stores and plan to increase cashiers at registers.

Did you know that Target has a restriction on self-checkout options? Customers who are buying 10 items or less can use the self-checkout, more than 10 items must use service lanes with Target cashiers.

CNN also shared that stores such as Costco are now adding staff members to their self-checkout area due to customers who were nonmembers, shopping in the store and using member cards that were not theirs in the self-checkout options.

They also explained that "Dollar General is the latest company to backtrack on self-checkout."

Business Insider shared,

"Dollar General's same-store sales fell 1.3% in the most recent quarter, and the company said an increase in shrink ate into profit margins."

What do you prefer when you're shopping in a store, self-checkout or the full-service option with a cashier? Have you used self-checkout before? Tell us more below.

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