It's possible that you may have driven through this quaint town and didn't even know it. One summer, I took a trip through the Town of Olive and Marbletown and was in awe of the beautiful scenery.

There were rolling hills of greenery on the scenic drive with historical signs and sights to see. I enjoyed the peacefulness and tranquility in Olive, NY.

Where Is Olive, NY?

Canva, Town of Olive
Canva, Town of Olive

Olive is a town in Ulster County, NY. 

According to the Town of Olive, 

"The Town of Olive was once home to the Esopus Indians, a subgroup of the Munsee Lenape people who inhabited the Hudson Valley and Catskills. The Munsee Lenape peoples continue today as the Stockbridge-Munsee community in Wisconsin, The Delaware Tribe and the Delaware Nation in Oklahoma, and the Munsee Delaware Nation in Ontario."


"Indigenous communities often settled along river beds but the esopus culture is still inscribed on the Olive landscape, an eighteenth century esopus leader was named Monhaw or Moonhaw."

The Town of Olive also explained that 

Two of the most popular churches in the area, The Olive and Hurley Church are known for being the "second oldest religious organization in the town of Olive."

What's The Difference Between Olive, NY and Olivebridge, NY?

Town of Olive, Canva
Town of Olive, Canva

Olive is a town in Ulster County, NY and Olivebridge is a hamlet in Olive, NY. Depending on the person, some may refer to the area as Olive or as Olivebridge.

When driving around Olivebridge, NY, you may see a lot of wilderness and lush woods. I always wonder if the homes that I see in the area are seasonal or if people live there year round and enjoy the solitude.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Olive, NY Is A Great Place To Visit

The Ashokan Center

477 Beaverkill Rd, Olivebridge, NY 12461

The Ashokan Center is an independent nonprofit organization that started in 2008. Their focus is on music and nature. They are located on 385 acres in the Catskill Mountains.

Educational field trips can take place at The Ashokan Center, along with public community events, retreats, weddings and more.

The Ashokan Center is on the National and State Registers of Historic Places. 

According to The Ashokan Center, 

"This land was a favored hunting and fishing ground for the Munsee Indians for generations, and became home to Americans of European descent in the 1730s. The first mill and blacksmith shop in Ulster County were built here by Lemuel Winchell who later constructed Winchell’s Inn, Ashokan’s historic centerpiece."

Day passes are also available.

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Ashokan Quarry Trail

 NY-28A, Olivebridge, NY 12461

Canva, The Catskill Mountain Club
Canva, The Catskill Mountain Club

These views will take your breath away. I always love visiting Olivebridge and any locations near the Ashokan Quarry Trail or Reservoir. You can feel the fresh air in your lungs and cool breeze in the air.

According to Catskill Mountain Club,

"The Ashokan Quarry Trail is sited on the NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s Acorn Hill parcel, just to the south of the Ashokan Reservoir.  The 2 mile  lollipop route offers close-up views of Ashokan High Point and to the mountains north and west including the Burroughs Range, North Dome and Tremper Mountain. "

The Catskill Mountain Club also explains that the trail also passes by artifacts from the construction of the reservoir. Those interested can be on the lookout for a rail car and machinery to load stone.

The Catskills Visitors Center explains the Ashokan Quarry Trail as an easy hike that will bring you to a beautiful view of multiple Catskill Mountains and Ashokan High Point.

Brown's Station Fountain

Olivebridge, NY 12461 

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

Brown's Station Fountain is a hidden gem in Ulster County. I believe that it is also one of the most underrated fountains in the Hudson Valley. 

This fountain is located at the Ashokan Reservoir. This visit can include a picnic, leisure walk or relaxing day spent near a refreshing fountain.

Fruition Chocolate Works

3091 NY-28, Shokan, NY 12481

This chocolate shop is known for being an "international award-winner ". They also take pride in being "World Renowned, Locally Found".

Located in Shokan, Fruition Chocolate Works may possibly be the best chocolate you have ever had. They travel to cocoa producing locations to make sure that they are receiving the best quality of products that are also organic, Fair Trade and Direct Trade practices.

This confectionery workshop is a must visit when in and around Olive, NY.

Have you ever been to Olive or Olivebridge, NY before? Share your experience below.

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