Do you have a chimney at your house? Think about it, just because you don't have a fireplace, you still might have a chimney. No, my worry isn't about Santa Claus not having a chimney to bring your family presents on Christmas, it's to get you thinking about the safety of said chimney.

If you burn wood, or even if you have a pellet or gas stove, how often should you get that chimney cleaned? Once a year? Every few years when you remember it? Here is what the 'chimney people' told me.

Why do you need your chimney cleaned?

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The biggest reason you need it cleaned? The more you use it, the dirtier it gets. There are things that will build up on the flue liner, or chimney liner. Those 'things' that can build up in there are also combustible. That is a word which means 'catches on fire.'

Another reason to keep it the chimney clean is that it will operate more efficiently. Clean chimneys allow the flow of smoke to more easily leave the home. The back up of particulates and matter on the liner of the chimney can make it so the carbon monoxide doesn't fully head out the flue, but it can allow it to leach back into the home. Keep it clean and it will run more efficiently for you and keep your family warm. 

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How often should you clean your New York Chimney?

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The answer to this question will truly depend on how often you use your chimney/fire place, insert, etc. If you are a heavy user or it is your homes sole source of heat, you will want to clean that once per year, before you start using it in the winter. If you are a lighter user, always make sure to check that the flue is indeed open before starting a fire and get it cleaned every other year.

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