For the most part, when people plan on going on a vacation, they prefer to enjoy themselves. At times, they could indulge in an upscale dinner, book excursions, and stock up on memorable souvenirs.

When traveling, booking a beautiful room at a boutique hotel or resort is a main priority. Having the convenience of being on-site with dining, a relaxing spa, and amenities makes planning a vacation easier.

The Hudson Valley continues to grow and is now filled with a wide variety of different businesses that can please almost everyone's needs. With different budgets and times of the year, those who visit the Hudson Valley can plan for a vacation that matches their exact needs.

Here Are 3 Hudson Valley Resorts For Every Budget

Depending on the time of year that a guest is interested in booking a stay at Hudson Valley Resort, the prices may vary.

As of March 2024, the following information is provided.

Resorts World Catskills

888 Resorts World Dr, Monticello, NY 12701

Canva, Resorts World Catskills, Facebook,
Canva, Resorts World Catskills, Facebook,

Resorts World Catskills has a home surrounded by the Catskill Mountains within the Hudson Valley.

This new resort hotel is located in Monticello, NY. Along with being a resort hotel, on-site there is also a casino, spa, bars and more. They have a large selection of different restaurants to choose from on-site such as Cellaio, Lotus, Good Friends and more.

Other amenities available at Resorts World Catskills include top golf swing suites, an indoor pool, and entertainment as well.

Resorts World Catskills has over 330 luxury suites along with garden and penthouse suites. Guests can also relax in their two-story villas on site.

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Emerson Resort & Spa

 5340 NY-28 1st floor, Mt Tremper, NY 12457

This popular resort is known for having the world's largest kaleidoscope. Located in Mt. Tremper, the Emerson Resort & Spa is the home to a peaceful getaway surrounded by the beauty, lush trees and Esopus Creek of Ulster County, NY.

The Emerson Resort & Spa has rooms available at their Inn and Lodge. On-site, guests can also enjoy their spa, fitness center options and yoga classes.

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Dining options at Catamount and Woodnotes are available at the Emerson Resort & Spa along with their gift shop, The Shops At Emerson. Be sure to experience the world's largest kaleidoscope with The Emerson Resort & Spa's Kaleidoshow.

Experience the World’s Largest Kaleidoscope with the Kaleidoshow! Emerson Resort & Spa also specializes in personalized weddings.

Wildflower Farms, Auberge Resorts Collection

2702 Main St, Gardiner, NY 12525

This new Hudson Valley resort is nestled in Gardiner, NY. At Wildflower Farms, there are over 60 cabins and cottages on site. Guests also have the option of enjoying any of their 5 ridge suites overlooking the breathtaking Shawangunk Ridge. They are an Auberge Resort Collection.

Wildflower Farms kitchen Clay serves breakfast, lunch and dinner options to guests by providing fresh ingredients. Seasonal cocktails are also formulated with local sources from their garden as well.

Wildflower Farms has a Dew Bar and The Great Porch to enjoy time outside with food, and drinks or simply take in the views of the Shawangunk Ridge.

Guests can also participate in unique experiences on-site along with wellness options as well. Multiple relaxing classes and spa amenities await guests at Wildflower Farms. 

Which Hudson Valley resort would you choose from this list? Share more with us below.

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