When was the last time you stopped for a person who was in the crosswalk? Did the person behind you slam into you? Did they blast their horn at you, not sharing your need to stop to allow someone to cross?

What is the law in New York State when it comes to crosswalks? Do you need to stop to let someone cross? Or do you only need to stop when there is a traffic signal? Let's get a cross walk law refresh, here it is.

When are you supposed to stop at a crosswalk in New York State?

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Let's keep in mind that people try to cross the street all of the time at places we may or  may not agree with. At no time is it legal for a pedestrian to just walk straight into traffic expecting a person to stop. Yes, you should stop and not hit that person, but its not right. Keep reading.

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You as a driver need to yield to a pedestrian when they are at an intersection, and when the pedestrian has the walk lights. Yes, there are going to be a few hundred other times when you need to stop, or slow, but always be aware of your surroundings.

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What if there isn't a marked intersection, do you have to stop for a pedestrian?

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If there isn't a cross walk, and you see a person trying to cross the street, don't run them over. While they are supposed to be crossing at an intersection with a walk/don't walk alert, these are not always available to the walker. The pedestrian does need to be aware of traffic, and only proceed when there really isn't a chance for them to get hit. And when this is a four lane road full of traffic? Don't do it pedestrian, it just truly isn't safe.

Think about the issues these guys have crossing an intersection! 🐢

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