The holiday season is a time when we may indulge more in our favorite beverages, sweet treats and gourmet meals. We come together with friends, family and the people who mean the most to us during the holidays to share conversations and gifts.

With the latest recall of some of our favorite beverages, we may have to change what we bring to events or sip on while celebrating the holiday season.

Did You Know About The Latest Soda Recall?


It's not uncommon to read about recalls related to some of our favorite foods, drinks, items or even vehicles.

Recently, there was a major recall with a popular car company. Not only does this recall involve the drivers of the specific vehicle but the drivers around the car as well due to its malfunction.

Before you bring some of your favorite sodas to the next holiday event you attend, be sure to make sure it wasn't recalled.

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Popular Soda Brands Have Recalled Drinks Due To "Foreign Materials"

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CBS News shared information about the latest soda recall of December 2023.

They shared,

"Coca-Cola is recalling 2,000 cases of Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta Orange soda cans because they may contain "foreign material."

The recall information from CBS News includes

"comprises 12-packs of 12-ounce cans, including 1,557 packs of Sprite, 417 of Diet Coke and 14 of Fanta Orange. The cases were distributed in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida, an FDA filing shows."

This recall has taken place due to potential "foreign material". However, it's unclear what the "foreign material" could be or even what the risks are if it is consumed.

Do You Have Diet Coke, Sprite Or Fanta Orange In Your Home?

Canva, Facebook, Sprite, Diet Coke, Fanta
Canva, Facebook, Sprite, Diet Coke, Fanta

USA Today shared the UPC numbers of the recalled soda drinks.

"The UPC numbers and best-by dates for the affected items are as follows:


Diet Coke packaged in 12-oz. aluminum cans: UPC: 49000028911; Best by: 01/29/24


Fanta Orange packaged in 12-oz. aluminum cans: UPC: 49000030730; Best by: 07/29/24


Sprite packaged in 12-oz. aluminum cans: UPC: 49000028928; Best by: 07/29/24"


USA Today also shared that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration began the recall for these soda brands on November 6, 2023. Overall, this recall was first initiated by United Packers, LLC which is located in Mobile, Alabama.

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Did you happen to purchase any of these recalled soda drinks? Which soda flavor is your favorite? Tell us more below.

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