Driving on New York's most dangerous road is bad enough but when an unauthorized truck gets in the way things get even worse.

If you have ever driven on the Taconic State Parkway you are well aware that it is one of the scariest roads to drive on in all of New York state.

Google Maps
Google Maps

New York's Most Dangerous Road

Year after year the Taconic State Parkway "drives" away with the title of New York's most dangerous road from numerous organizations including the folks at the Catalano Law who rank it #1 for danger in New York. Over the years the 104-mile-long Taconic has been the site of thousands of car crashes with well over 600 every year according to the law firm's website.

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Anyone who has driven the Taconic already knows that its narrow lanes and winding roads make it a scary drive and is one of the main reasons trucks, buses, trailers, campers, and vehicles over 8’ tall are all prohibited from using it. All of those vehicles are prohibited but that doesn't mean that every once and a while one will sneak its way onto the parkway.

New York State Police
New York State Police

Tractor Trailer on the Taconic Cause Traffic Nightmare

According to Patch and the New York State Police, the tractor-trailer pictured above got stuck in the median on Tuesday, December 12th around noontime blocking all of the southbound lanes on the Taconic. The incident reportedly happened near mile marker 10 in New Castle, NY, and caused gridlock for hours on the heavily traveled parkway.

Police didn't say how long the unauthorized tractor-trailer drove on the parkway, how it got on the road, or why it tried to cross the median but did say that it caused heavy traffic in the area for hours.

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