A Bravo reality star is bringing his band to the Hudson Valley this summer, hopefully, he leaves the drama back in California.

Bravo fans are very familiar with Tom Sandoval and all the drama he brought to Vanderpump Rules back in 2023. Does #Scandoval ring any bells for you?

If you're not familiar we can break it down for you.

Who is Tom Sandoval and What is Scandoval?

Tom Sandoval has been a cast member of the Bravo reality TV show Vanderpump Rules since 2013. Vanderpump Rules follows the staff of SUR Restaurant & Lounge in Beverly Hills, California. Tom, along with Tom Schwartz, LaLa Kent, Arianna Maddix, and others were bartenders and servers at SUR.

They quickly became some of the most talked about and popular reality show cast members especially because they all ended up dating and fighting over each other.

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After the 2023 season wrapped up, news broke that Tom Sandoval who had been dating Arianna Maddix for years had cheated on her with another cast member, Raquel Leviss.

And just like that Scandoval was born. The Vanderpump film crews filmed in the days following the scandal breaking and in turn, turning Tom Sandoval into the most perfect reality TV villain.

The reunion special might have been my favorite reality TV moment in the last 10 years. Who could forget James Kennedy called Sandoval a "worm with a mustache" in his British accent?

The Show Will Go on at Bethel Woods

After Madix and Sandoval broke up, things went back to normal. Kind of. Ariana and Tom still live in the same house, but Ariana was asked to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars and starred as Roxi Hart in Chicago on Broadway.

Tom continued touring with his band Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras. They dub themselves the "ultimate party cover band." Sandoval is known to cover songs from every decade even changing the lyrics to shout out some of his friends from Vanderpump (there's a clip of "Schwartzy's Mom" on TikTok).

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It looks like Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras will be stopping by Bethel Woods this spring.

Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras Come to The Hudson Valley

Mark your calendars for Thursday night, May 30th! Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras will be playing the Event Gallery at Bethel Woods.

Tickets go on sale on March 8th.  You can find more ticket information and details on the Bethel Woods website. 

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