A popular Hudson Valley light display is facing backlash in a new New York Times article.

Record-Breaking Light Display Brings Joy to New York Families

Years before COVID-19 forced us to enjoy experiences like Haunted Houses and Christmas Displays in drive-thru form, there was Lagrangeville New York's ERDAJT light display.

For years, Timothy and Grace Gay decked out their front yard in thousands of holiday lights and designs accompanied by Christmas music. The Gay family opened up their front lawn to the community giving those looking for a taste of the holiday spirit to drive through the display and every year they collect donations for different charity organizations.

The display grew through the years and now has more than 600,000 lights. Throughout the last few years, the Gay Family and ERDAJT have held the Guinness World Record for holiday light displays.

Naturally, a record-breaking holiday light display will bring families from all across New York State to see the sights. That means long waits in cars clogging up local roads. According to some, the excitement about the holiday experience has worn off.

ERDAJT's Christmas Light Display , Facebook
ERDAJT's Christmas Light Display , Facebook

New York Times Looks into  ERDAJT Frustrations in Union Vale, NY

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Towards the end of the NYT article, Kaysen asks Tim and Grace if they'll be flipping the switch off permanently any time soon.

While they make no mention of the backlash from some of the community, the Gay family has decided that when they reach $1 million in donations, that's when ERDAJT will turn the lights off.

As for the popular Lagrangeville light display, do you think it should stop sooner than later or continue on sharing the holiday spirit?

Stay up to date with all ERDAJT updates on their social media pages.

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