Are you looking to add a new furry friend to your family? Take Me Home Pet Rescue, based out of Highland, New York, has a handful of foster dogs looking for their forever family.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue Foster Program

Take Me Home Pet Rescue, like many rescue organizations is a 501c3 non-profit that saves dogs and cats from high-kill shelters. What makes them unique is that they are "a completely foster-based rescue."

They have no shelter or facility instead, all of their volunteers open their homes to the animals that are saved. The mission statement on the TMH website explains:

It is the mission of this organization to save lives of dogs and puppies who are in high kill shelters with a risk of being euthanized.

The rescue has its own van for animal transportation, making 2-3 monthly transports between North Carolina and New York. As most pet owners know, it can get expensive with medical bills and daily needs.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue is supported "entirely through donations and adoption fees." Donations made help the organization improve the lives of the animals they save. 

Check out 14 of the current foster dogs looking for their forever home at the bottom of this article.

Wilma The Dog Goes Viral Across the Hudson Valley

You may be familiar with Take Me Home Pet Rescue as their most recent rescue Wilma has become somewhat of a local celebrity.

Wilma was rescued after she was abandoned by a U-Haul truck in Newburgh, NY. When Take Me Home brought Wilma to the vet to get spayed, they learned that she was pregnant.

Over the last few weeks, Wilma has been getting all the love and the community has come together making monetary and gift donations through the rescues Amazon Wish List.

After getting so much attention Take Me Home Pet Rescue decided to throw sweet Wilma a Puppy Shower.

How cute!?

Wilma will share the spotlight with several of her other Take Me Home Pet Rescue brothers and sisters on May 11th at Mary Jane's Dairy Bar. In the meantime, get to meet some of them before the Puppy Shower below:

14 Pups Currently Looking For their Forever Home at Take Me Home Pet Rescue

The Highland, New York-based rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit that saves dogs and cats from high-kill shelters. These are a few of the dogs currently with foster families waiting for their forever home.

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