A big celebration is in order for one Hudson Valley village.

When the summer ends and fall rolls into the Hudson Valley thousands head out to visit our little part of New York State, there's of course all the apple and pumpkin patches as well as spooky haunted attractions nestled in the woods of Ulster and Dutchess County.

However, one village sticks out among the rest. Sleepy Hollow New York is hands down one of the most popular towns to visit during October. But it's not just a tourist destination throughout the spooky season, Sleepy Hollow is a beautiful village to check out year-round with their cobblestone streets and beautiful views of the Hudson River.


2024, will be an exciting one for Sleepy Hollow as they celebrate a big anniversary.

Sleepy Hollow New York is Turning How Old!?

Westchester County Tourism took to social media to share that 2024 is the year that Sleepy Hollow New York will celebrate its Sesquicentennial Anniversary! If you're anything like me you're probably asking yourself "What does Sesquicentennial even mean?!"

Thank goodness for Dictonary.com. The Sesquicentennial is a "150th anniversary or its celebration."

Sleepy Hollow will celebrate all month long with different events scattered throughout the year. Westchester County Tourism writes:

2024 marks Sleepy Hollow’s sesquicentennial anniversary (150 years)! From the legendary tales of Washington Irving to the timeless charm of its cobblestone streets, this village has been weaving magic since 1874.

Someone has to say it, Sleepy Hollow looks great for its age!

Maybe it's just me, but I thought Sleepy Hollow was way older than 150. Right? Is it because in my millennial mind, Sleepy Hollow the movie (starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci) feels like it came out a billion years ago?

Who knows, either way, Happy Sesquicentennial Anniversary Sleepy Hollow, New York. Here's to many more!

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