I love a good rivalry. Whether it be in pop culture *NSYNC vs. The Backstreet Boys or Ford vs. Chevy I'm always in for a little jousting.

If we're being honest, the best rivalries are within the sports world and in turn flow into state rivalries. And at the end of the day, the biggest sports-state rivalry is New York vs. Boston.

Maybe we're biased because we're located in New York, but who's not thinking of the Yankees and Red Sox when the word "rivalry" is mentioned? Or the New York Giants and the New England Patriots...we can't forget that 18-1 season.

It looks like now the State Parks are getting involved in the New York/Massachusetts beef.

NY-MA Rivalry Blows Over Into The State Parks

Hudson Valley hikers and outdoors lovers are familiar with Bash Bish Falls and the trail in Copake, New York. It's located in the Taconic State Park and right on the New York-Massachusetts state line.

It's cool, depending on where you park, you can be in 2 states at once! With that being said, Taconic State Park- Copake Falls/Rudd Pond shared a photo on their Facebook page of the trail after a mid-week leaf cleanup. However, something looked off about the picture. Can you spot it?

Taconic State Park- Copake Falls/Rudd Pond Facebook
Taconic State Park- Copake Falls/Rudd Pond Facebook

Did you catch it?

That's a perfectly straight line of leaves on the NY-MA state line. Taconic State Park wrote on Facebook:

Well played Massachusetts, well played…

Whoever was in charge of leaf blowing, blew all the leaves from the trail on the MA side onto the NY side.

Ah yes...the rivalry continues.

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