When you think of your future retirement, are you picturing yourself somewhere on a beach or in warmer weather? Or do you see your retirement future right here in New York State?

Personally, I'm thinking of a nice quiet beach town in Delaware or North Carolina. However, if moving after you retire isn't in the cards you may want to hang around the Hudson Valley.

Best New York Small Towns to Retire In

If you're thinking of retiring any time soon, we have some good news for you! The website World Atlas crunched the numbers and came up with a list of 9 small towns in New York that are considered the best to retire in.

On the site, World Atlas explains "New York offers affordable retirement options for those looking to save a buck or two, depending on where you move." They add that to come up with an accurate list they factored in "real estate prices, crime rates, and access to amenities."

Surprise! 3 Hudson Valley towns made the list.

Cold Spring, NY/ Google Maps
Cold Spring, NY/ Google Maps

3 Hudson Valley Towns Perfect for Retirement

The Hudson Valley made the 9 Best Small Towns To Retire In New York In 2024 list 3 times. According to World Atlas, the following towns in the Hudson Valley are considered some of the best to retire in this year:

Carmel, NY
Stony Point, NY
Cold Spring, NY

For each town World Atlas gives a little blurb of data and information about the region and what makes it such a great location for retirement. World Atlas writes about Stony Point in Rockland County:

If you ever require medical attention and added peace of mind, the Helen Hayes Hospital is conveniently located minutes away in West Haverstraw.

Adding that "It's not just any hospital" that the Helen Hayes hospital is recognized as "a leading center that specializes in stroke recovery, spinal cord problems, and other unique needs."

You can read more about each town and what they offer for the 2024 retiree in the Hudson Valley as well as the 6 other towns that made the list below:

The Best Small Towns in New York to Retire In

Thinking about retiring in New York? If you're looking for the small-town charm, check out one of these New York small towns named the best to retire in 2024 according to World Atlas.

These are some hometowns that may need some organization:

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