Lake George New York is a popular tourist destination year-round. Many Hudson Valley residents head up during the winter months to get a taste of the Adirondack winters and outdoor activities like ice fishing and snowmobiling.

However, I think we can all see and feel that winters are not what they used to be. The warmer winter weather this year has yet to fully freeze over.

Photographer Captures Amazing Shot of What's Under Lake George

Photographer Luke Dow of Lake George, New York took advantage of the warmer weather earlier this month and headed out with his drone.

On Instagram Dow wrote on Instagram "I've never seen the lake make ice 3 times in one winter. Each time the lake freezes then we get 50-degree temps and rain and a few days later it is gone."

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On February 25th the sun was shining on a very thin layer of ice that had formed over Lake George and Dow snapped the following photos from above capturing some hidden gems under the famous lake.

Luke Dow, Instagram
Luke Dow, Instagram

Hidden History Under Lake George

We reached out to Luke Dow to learn more about the history behind the photos. He tells us that what he captured in the drone photos are spur tracks and an old military pier. Dow tells us that spur track was built in 1911 and it "basically allowed boats to be loaded into box cars of trains and then the box cars would get lowered into the lake and the boat would launch. Like a big boat trailer!"

Luke Dow, Instagram
Luke Dow, Instagram

As for the military pier Dow explains it was build by the British Navy around 1756 and adds:

It was built in order to dock their larger sloop vessels (roughly 60' in length) and radeau.



According to Dow, there are a few more piers on the southern part of Lake George but he believes one burnt down and the other one "must have been buried when the D&H railroad built the pier in 1882."

Lake George: Cleanest Lake in America?

No wonder Luke Dow was able to get such a clear shot. In May of 2023, Lake George was named the #1 Cleanest Lake in America.

The website A-Z Animals explained that Lake George is "widely considered one of the country's most beautiful and cleanest lakes"

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They added "Each year, the deep blue waters of Lake George, located in the southern Adirondack State Park, attract over 50,000 summer tourists" which makes it even more impressive that it stays so clean.

When is the last time you were in Lake George? If it's been a while take a look at some of Luke Dow's photos and relive all your favorite Lake George memories:

Some Interesting Sunken Treasures at the Bottom of Lake George

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany

Dazzling Lake George Winter's Dream Experience at Fort William Henry

Lake George Winter's Dream at Fort William Henry announced it would end its dazzling event early. There are only a few more nights left. The average time to explore Winter's Dream is 40-60 minutes.
There are six sections: Cabin of Dreams, Dreamscapes, Full Moons, Frozen Lake, First Snow, and Winter Woods. Check out these amazing photos.

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Check Out These Super Cool Ice Bars in the Lake George Region

If you are looking for something cool and different to do this winter, head on up to the Lake Geroge region and check out the many ice bars they have to offer. There are full frozen bars you can sit at, enjoy ice luges, fire pits surrounded by ice, and even photo-ops with ice sculptures you can get in or pose with.

Gallery Credit: Visit the Lake George Region & Facebook pages

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