We have rolled into a new year and I am wondering if you have had time yet to support your local fire company. They are there when we need them so I try to encourage you to be there for them throughout the year.

Many Hudosn Valley fire departments are made up of volunteers. You can volunteer or at least support the firehouse when they have events such as breakfasts, bingo nights, and carnivals. The fundraisers they hold help them help us and also allow them to get equipment that is vital to helping not just us but also our pets.

Hudson Valley Fire Departments Need Our Support

Hudson Valley Firefighters are some of the most dedicated people you will find. They give up weekends and holidays to be there when the community needs their help. Over the weekend many fire departments worked hard.

Woodstock Fire Department via Facebook
Woodstock Fire Department via Facebook

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The Woodstock Fire Department had a call fire night where they were dispatched to 137 Tinker Street in Woodstock. They were accompanied by the Woodstock Police Department and the Ulster County Sheriff's Department who had entered the building initially to help rescue a trapped occupant.

Woodstock Fire Department Saves Cat During House Fire

The fire was found to be on the second floor. Woodstock Fire worked on putting it out, getting the building ventilated, and searching for other occupants. In their search, they found a cat in distress. Fortunately, Woodstock carries a pet oxygen mask. These are vital when firefighters encounter a pet that has been involved in a fire.

Woodstock Fire Department via Facebook
Woodstock Fire Department via Facebook

Firefighters, utilizing specialized animal masks, provided oxygen to the cat who ended up being housed at the Rescue Squad building overnight until being returned to the owner. (via Woodstock Fire Department Facebook)


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Many of our firehouses not only have to help our pets but also encounter other animals in crisis with farm fires or at accident scenes. More and more of our local firefighters are learning how to care for animals who are affected by a fire as well as the people.

Find out how to get your firehouse pet oxygen mask from Pawprint Oxygen.

Woodstock Fire Department had assistance at this fire from the West Hurley Fire Department, Centerville Fire Department, Woodstock Police, Ulster County Sheriff's, New York State Police, Ulster County Department of Emergency Services, Central Hudson, and New York State DOT.

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