It looks like a new cooking competition show will be filmed in Dutchess County.

New Cooking Show Filming at The Culinary Institute of America

Hollywood on the Hudson strikes again! It looks like there is a new cooking show in the works that is set to be filmed at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

In a casting call that was recently posted, it was explained that the new show is part of a "premium streaming service" and is working with the directors from Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, the creators of Top Chef, and an interesting Executive Producer.

The Executive Producer listed for the new culinary show is, surprisingly, basketball star Lebron James... let's hope the show doesn't flop like its EP. Sorry, as a Knick fan, I'm still not over the "taking my talents to Miami" debacle.

I digress.

By looking at the photos provided along with the casting call announcement the show will be filming at the Hyde Park, New York Culinary location. There 3 more locations in California, Texas, and Singapore.

This new culinary cooking competition show is now casting and they're looking for chefs!

Casting All Chefs for CIA Cooking Competition

The show isn't just focusing on chefs at the Culinary Institute of America. They are looking for chefs from all over. According to the casting call posted on website the winner of the competition will win a cash prize.

They explain:

This series will test the skills every chef must master in order to become a future star in the industry.

To start the application process you must be (or will be) 21 years of age at the time of applying and you have the right to legally live in the US during production if you're chosen to be on the show.

To fill out an application visit

Have You Seen The Culinary on TV or in the Movies?

This isn't the first time The Culinary Institute of America has been featured on the big and small screen. The CIA website explains that all 4 of the Culinary locations have professional video crews and "more than 42 kitchens or bake shops."

Shows like No Reservations on Travel Channel, The Today Show and The Next Iron Chef have all filmed on location and explored the cooking aspect of the CIA. Ghost Hunters has also filmed at The Culinary in Hyde Park as part of a paranormal investigation.

And of course, there's the mention of the Hyde Park location in the suspense/thriller movie The Menu. Warning there was a lot of blood and s'mores involved in that one.

Have you seen the Culinary Institute of America on the big or small screen? What show did you see it on?

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