If you could pick any business to open in your town what type of business would you pick?

No matter what town you live in across the Hudson Valley, I think we all have our wish list of businesses we would like to see open in our area, right? For many years we've begged for various fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, and more to open locations in our towns. Unfortunately, most of them haven't heard our pleas, so to try and get some new businesses in town a Hudson Valley town has taken to Facebook to share their ideas.


Dutchess County Town Wants New Businesses

Back in January the folks in East Fishkill, New York took to Facebook to share their ideas regarding what businesses should think about opening in the Dutchess County town. The post started in the East Fishkill community group was started by Steve who asked

"Name Something We Need More Of In East Fishkill? (Be Nice) Let's See What You Can Come Up With!"


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It only took a few days for folks in the area to leave over 300 comments with suggestions on what East Fishkill needs more of and personally, I think a lot of the suggestions would not only work in East Fishkill but could be useful in a bunch of Hudson Valley communities. We sifted through the comments and picked out the 10 suggestions (below) that got the biggest responses taking into account the type of businesses and whether it's even possible.

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Before you scroll down to see the 10 best, is there a business you would like to see open in your town? Let me know what you think by texting us through our station app above and we could use your suggestions in a future article.

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