If you want to catch racing dirt track racing excitement in the Hudson Valley you only have two choices. The Orange County Fair Speedway or Accord Speedway at 299 Whitfield Road in Accord, New York.

Orange County typically will run their race scheduled on Saturdays with a few exceptions throughout the year. Accord Speedway runs their races on Fridays which means that where you can kick off your weekend with racing excitement.

Opening Date Announced for Accord Speedway in Accord, New York

Dirt Track racing is a great family activity. There is fun built in for everyone. Sit up close to a dirt track adds some extra excitement, I won't lie you are gonna get dirt but that is part of the fun.

The Official Accord Speedway via Facebook
The Official Accord Speedway via Facebook

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Last week Accord Speedway announced that their opening night for the 2024 season will be Friday night May 3rd, 2024. They plan to hold racing every night through September 13th according to the Official Accord Speedway social post on Facebook.

2024 Events Planned for Accord Speedway in Ulster County New York

Along with opening night, they have also announced dates for other events at the Speedway. Battle of the Bullring will be on Tuesday, May 14th, 2024. The Ron Van Etten Memorial King of the Catskills event is on Tuesday, July 30th. Accord Speedway also plans to announce other events at the raceway soon.

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