I was hit with a wave of nostalgia when I walked into one of the newest businesses in the Hudson Valley.

New Candy Store Opens in The Village of Wappingers

Over the last few months, we've been hearing all about the latest additions to The Village of Wappingers Falls. The new apartment complex with retail space below with new businesses like Rooted Yoga has made themselves at home in the Village.

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In November 2023, we learned that husband and wife duo Amy and George from Brooklyn New York, were moving to the Hudson Valley to open up a new candy shop. The couple said they were going to bring Quincy's Candy Shop to life with a small-town feel and that they did!

Quincy's Candy Shop in Wappingers Falls a 90s Kids Dream

I stopped by Quincy's on their first official day in business and was hit with a wave of nostalgia when I walked in. Of course, every adult feels like a kid in a candy store but when I took a closer look I learned that Quincy's had some of the classics!


Remember Creme Savers!? These were the quintessential "Mom purse candy." I remember digging through my mom's bag as a 7-year-old bored in church and finding the goods. Baby Bottle Pops and Big League Chew were all staples of a 90s weekend at a sleepover or at the Little League fields.

Grape Big League Chew is hands down the best flavor. Hands down.

I overheard Amy tell another customer that she tries to order unique and older candies every week and said there's always something new to find at Quincy's. Which will 100% keep me coming back.

Relive Your Childhood at Quincy's Candy Shop

Do you have a favorite throwback candy? Go down Memory Lane with me and the throwback candy below from Quincy's Candy Shop in Wappingers Falls:

5 Throwback Candies Found at Newest Wappingers Falls, NY Candy Shop

Quincy's Candy Shop recently opened in Wappingers Falls, NY, and on my first visit, I noticed a handful of throwback candy I haven't seen in a while. What's your favorite vintage candy?

Quincy's isn't the only candy store around town. Paul Rudd, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Morgan are all co-owners of Samuels Sweet Shop in Rhinebeck, New York. But you probably knew that already...

Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Moran Own a Hudson Valley Candy Store

Let's go inside the Rhinebeck candy store owned by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hilarie Burton Morgan and Paul Rudd.

Gallery Credit: Karolyi

If you have a very specific sweet tooth that can only handle chocolate, lucky you! There's a handful of amazing chocolate shops here in the Hudson Valley:

The Best Chocolate Shops in the Hudson Valley

Whether you're looking for a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day, an anniversary or special holiday celebration, the Hudson Valley has some of the very best handmade chocolates around. Scroll down to check out these incredible chocolate stores in Dutchess, Orange and Ulster Counties.

Gallery Credit: Boris


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