So far, 2024 has been a busy year for sightings of unexplained phenomena across the skies of New York.

Many reports of so-called flying saucers or UFOs, tend to describe the objects as disc-shaped, oval, or "cigar-shaped". Sometimes these objects will change shape, take off at an unimaginably high rate of speed, or emanate flashing lights, according to reports.

But one of New York state's most recent sightings is rather bizarre, as the witness claims the object in the sky "shot down a cylindrical beam of light."

UFO Shoots Beam of Light Over New York's Southern Tier? 

A file posted at the National Unidentified Flying Object Reporting Center claims that an unidentified object was spotted over Endicott on the evening of February 14. The witness claims they were on their porch when they looked up and saw what they described as a "bright light with a hazy glow around it slowly moving eastward".

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The report says that the object moved slower than a plane or satellite and that there was a "small star-like object" that followed it closely.

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The witness goes on to say that the two objects "stopped and emitted this super bright light from what I guess would be the bottom of the craft."

The description continued:

It was not an ordinary light, the light emitted turned into an almost perfect cylindrical cone emitting towards the ground but didn't quite reach the ground.

The resident says that the lights dimmed, and apparently merged into one triangle-shaped object. Eventually, the lights disappeared altogether, as the encounter lasted for about three to four minutes, according to the report.

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