Things continue to be quite busy at the Orange County District Attorney's Office. Just recently, the D.A.'s office released its official statement regarding the conclusion of a recent proceeding in Orange County Court where a suspect was on trial for the crime of burglary and other alleged offenses.


Newburgh Burglary Trial Details

The announcement regarding the results of the trial came straight from the District Attorney's Office and the District Attorney himself, David Hoovler, on Friday March 15, 2024. The results of the trial being that the suspect/defendant identified as 36-year old Angel Lahoz of Newburgh was found guilty of the crimes of Burglary in the Second Degree as well as Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree.

Marina Nezhinkay
Marina Nezhinkay

The conviction of Lahoz comes with a substantial jail sentence of 12 years in prison. Following the completion of the prison time, Lahoz will then serve 5 years of post-release supervision.


Further details in the official press release were also divulged during the trial regarding the night of the at the time alleged events. On January 2, 2023 a resident living in the City of Newburgh was home alone when she was alerted to noises coming from her living room area. As the resident moved towards the family room she observed the intruder going through her purse. While the intruder continued moving through the home, the resident was able to identify Lahoz but she identified Lahoz which was shocking.

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The resident identified Lahoz as her relative, how they were related was not made clear in the release. The report goes on to state that Lahoz grabbed a machete and approached the resident and threw her to the floor before returning into the living room. Lahoz apparently dropped the weapon which allowed the resident turned victim to call the police.


The details of the fateful night end with the victim's brother and husband arriving on the scene and escorting Lahoz outside. City of Newburgh Police Officers then took over, arrested Lahoz and brought him into custody. Investigation determined that Lahoz had entered the residence through breaking a bedroom window.

D.A Hoovler's Response to Verdict

As one can imagine, D.A Hoovler had a number of responses to give when speaking after the sentencing. While D.A referred to the action of breaking into someone's home to commit crimes as "violent and terrifying" offenses, he also expressed gratitude in the fact that no one was hurt during the event.

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D.A Hoovler would also go on to speak highly of all of the work done by every level of law enforcement involved in the investigation, stating...

I commend the work of the police and prosecutors who handled this case and made sure a frequent recidivist was held responsible for his criminal behavior.  My Office will always prioritize the prosecution of violent felonies and those offenders who drive crime in our communities.”

Hoovler would also have exceptionally high regard for Executive Assistant District Attorney Michael Milza and Assistant District Attorney Aragon Vicenty who prosecuted the case.

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