State Police are investigating the shooting of a dog in the upper Hudson Valley. Investigators say a man called police and told them his dog had been shot in the woods near his home. Both state and conservation police conducted an extensive search of the heavily wooded area, hoping to find answers.

*** UPDATE: WNYT reports that the reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible has increased to $10,000 dollars. ***

Dog Shot in Green County Able to Walk 600 Yards Home For Help 

The New York State Police said in a press release that a resident reported to the State Police in Catskill that his two-year-old 80-pound Great Pyrenees German Shepard mix had been shot. WNYT says the incident happened January 1 near in Athens in Greene County, but State Police only recently released details.

The dog owner told officials that he was on his property when he noticed his dog, Kolija walking towards him bleeding and with a severe injury to his right rear leg. He rushed his dog to Kingston Animal Hospital where the dog was treated for a gun shot wound, a broken pelvis and broken femur.

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New York State Police along with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officers searched the area, where they were able to locate a blood trail that led them to an area of power lines.

Amazingly, this determined dog was able to walk approximately 600 yards back to his home after being shot.

State Police Catskill Bureau of Criminal Investigation are asking anyone with information to please the State Police at 518-622-8600 and reference RMS # 2400001365.

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Kolija received surgery at a veterinary clinic in Stamford, Connecticut. The dog is expected to survive.

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