His connection to the Hudson Valley is pretty big.

There's a popular band that has been around for a while and they attract a pretty interesting party crowd. One of my good friends worked at the Xfinity Theater in Connecticut and she mentioned how this particular group put on a wild show and people of all ages would pack the arena to see them.

Turns out, the main guy in the group has a HUGE connection to the Hudson Valley.

So the big question is, who is this guy?

How is Dave Matthews connected to the Hudson Valley?

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

I'm sure you've heard of him.

Dave Matthews the songwriter, record producer, and more is the main person from the Dave Matthews Band (duh). He's lived in a lot of places during his life, but one of them was right here in the Hudson Valley.

Dave Matthews' Connection to the Hudson Valley

When Dave Matthews was just two, his family moved to Yorktown Heights and his father started working for IBM. A lot of families around here had at least one parent in them who worked for IBM (it was a very Hudson Valley thing).

Dave's family eventually moved to England and then eventually returned to New York. Sadly, Dave's father passed away from Lung Cancer was Dave was just ten.

It was reported that Dave himself even worked for IBM was he was older and returned to New York. I wonder what job he had there?

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It's always cool to hear about a big celebrity that's connected to the area. In a way, it makes us feel a little famous and we feel a deeper connection to them.

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