There's a brewery with some excellent reviews hiding in plain sight in Middletown. Have you ever heard of it?

According to a recent Gallup poll, over 60% of Americans say they enjoy drinking and over half of them have picked beer as their alcoholic drink of choice. Craft beer has become more and more popular in recent years. The craft beer craze has taken the country by storm over the last decade. Drinking craft beer used to have a stereotype that it was for hipster but now it has become common. Experts estimate that almost 10,000 breweries have started operating since 2017. You could say that the business is very... hopping. I'm sorry about that.

All jokes aside, New York State is home to many breweries. People don't just enjoy drinking craft beer they love going to the breweries as well.

According to the New York State Brewers Association, there are nearly 450 breweries in New York. Some of the best are right here in the Hudson Valley and we just got one more.

Did you know that they recently opened up a brewery in Middletown, New York?

Aspire Brewing opened up a taproom and restaurant at the Galleria at Crystal Run. They pride themselves on being a modern brewery and the place looks absolutely stunning inside.

Since Aspire Brewing has opened it has gained an impressive 4.4 star review from almost 150 customers on Google. The brewery is located at 600 N Galleria Drive in Middletown. Have you checked them out yet?

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