It's crazy we have to think about this, but here are some very important earthquake safety tips.

I still can't believe I'm saying this, but many people throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut felt the earthquake and aftershock on Friday. What a strange way to start off the month of April, I'm a little afraid of how the rest of the month will go.

All the times I've been to California since I was a baby and my first earthquake happened in New York.

When I'm in California, it's always known that an earthquake could happen and you need to react quickly when it does, it's just part of life there. My aunt and uncle always have mentioned the possibility of it happening and both have experienced minor earthquakes living there.

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I'm wondering now if we have to have that mentality here. I felt the earthquake in the morning and then the aftershock later in the evening, I did start to question a few things like what should I do if it happens again? What should I do if the aftershock is bad? Is there anything at work or home I should stay away from when one happens?

There are some safety tips we should all be aware of if one happens again.

What safety tips are important to remember during an earthquake?

Well, here are a few things to remember:

  • If you're indoors stay inside, if you're outdoors stay outside
  • If you're indoors make sure you stand in a doorway, against a wall near the center of the building or under heavy furniture
  • Stay away from windows and outside doors
  • If you're outdoors you need to stay away from the power lines, buildings or anything that might fall
  • Don't use matches, candles or any flame
  • Pull over, stop the car and stay inside the car if you're driving an earthquake happens

It's still pretty crazy that one happened and was felt all the way in the Hudson Valley. Where were you when the earthquake happened? Share the details with us on the station app

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