London might have taken the top spot for the best family-friendly winter holiday destination but New York isn't far behind! People that have been googling searches for "Winter holidays 2024" have JUMPED UP by 5,7000% in the last 12 months.

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It's pretty safe to say that people are thinking about their next winter holiday trip already. Travel experts at SkyParkSecure did a study to find out where in the world the top family-friendly winter locations are located based on nine different factors.

It includes crime rate, average cost for a meal for four, number of family-friendly hotels, number of activities that are good for kids, pollution levels, average cost of transportation, number of family-friendly restaurants, number of activities with free entry, and number of parks. SkyParkSecure figured out these are the top 10 family friendly winter locations around the world to visit during winter.

London, UK

With a score of 64, London takes the gold for the best family-friendly winter location. The city has a wide range of family-friendly hotels and restaurants, along with activities and attractions for the kids. They have 1,000 attractions with free entry, so families can have a great time without breaking the bank.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo comes in second place with a score of 63. The city has 130 parks and over 2,800 family-friendly hotels, so there are plenty of options for families to enjoy their winter vacation. Tokyo can be an expensive destination, but there are budget-friendly dining options and inexpensive public transport to make the trip more affordable.

Paris, France

Taking the silver is Paris, with a score of 54. Paris offers many family-friendly restaurants and activities, making it a great destination for families with children. With 1,000 attractions offering free entry, families can see the city without worrying about the cost.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong secures the fourth spot with a score of 50. The city is known for its safety and affordability, this gives peace of mind for families during their winter holiday. With over 2,100 family-friendly restaurants and attractions (including Disneyland and Ocean Park), there's something for everyone in Hong Kong.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague takes the fifth place with a score of 48. This city offers a different winter experience for families, with its cobblestone streets and fascinating architecture. Prague Zoo and the National Theatre are some of the attractions that kids will love.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is sixth with a score of 43. This city offers a safe environment for families, along with many family-friendly hotels and activities. Taipei is affordable, making it a great option for families on a budget.

New York City, USA

New York City takes the seventh place with a score of 42. The city offers a wide range of family-friendly restaurants, activities, and attractions. Central Park and Bryant Park are popular spots for families to enjoy outdoor activities.

Edinburgh, UK

Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh, ranks eighth with a 39 score. The city has a wide range of family-friendly hotels and restaurants, along with free attractions like the Potter Trail and The Chocolatarium.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik takes the ninth spot with a score of 39. Known for its beauty, the city also offers low crime rates and clean air, making it an ideal destination for families. Lokrum Island and Mount Srd are popular attractions for families to explore.

Seoul, South Korea

Rounding out the top 10 list is Seoul, also with a score of 39. The city has many family-friendly hotels and affordable dining choices. Kids will love exploring the kitschy stores of Myeongdong and visiting the many kid's cafes.

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