New Yorkers are looking for the perfect Christmas presents for their loved ones and thanks to researchers, we know the gift that most New Yorkers are hoping to find under the tree. Lets see if you agree.

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Research done by coupon site found out what the most wanted Christmas gifts is for each state. Coming in at #1 in the United States is the Nintendo Switch.

Most Looked For Gift

They took a look at the data during the days around Black Friday shopping. They found that the Nintendo Switch is the most looked for gift in 13 states, including Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Ohio.

Taking the silver is the Apple's iPad as the second wanted gift in 11 states. Residents of New Jersey, California, Kentucky, and Utah were the most interested in giving or receiving this popular tablet during the holiday season.

Sony's PlayStation 5 (the much-anticipated gaming console) took the third spot on the list, with seven states looking for it. Another gaming console, the Xbox Series X, was the fourth most wanted gift across America this Christmas.

Rhode Islanders were most interested in Garmin watches, while in Minnesota, Apple AirPods were the most sought-after item.

So, what is the gift most New Yorkers really hope Santa will bring them this year? It’s not a Nintendo Switch or a game console. It’s not even an Apple item. The gift most New Yorkers really want is the Google Nest, a device that combines a smart speaker with a virtual assistant.

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