Yes and no.

If you've been in the uptown section of Kingston over the years, you've noticed that many things have changed. Businesses come and go, and if you're an old-timer, you might remember the popular department store Woolworth's.

Woolworth's called Kingston home for many years and according to the Daily Freeman, the Woolworth company isn't coming back to Kingston. But the former Woolworth building on Wall Street in Kingston will soon reopen.

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What's Coming to Kingston?

The former home to Woolworth's at 311 Wall Street in Kingston will soon reopen as a pop-up retail space and offer visitors the chance to shop from various vendors according to one of the owner's representatives.

Attorney Victoria Polidoro told the Freeman, "The concept here was to reactivate the space. The space, when it was conveyed to the current owner, is devoid of most utilities. Inside it’s like a big box." The "pop-up" plan will hopefully bring some life back to the one popular building with weekend-long or day-long events. Some events will be able to also have food trucks in their parking lot.

When Will it Open?

The Kingston City Planning Board recently approved the site plan for the space and once some renovations are completed it is expected to be open through the summer and early fall. The space would likely only be open through October because the space doesn't have heat and there are no plans to change that.

Over the years there have been a few different developers that had plans for the same Woolworth store with the most recent having it turned into a market called the Kingston Food Exchange. Those plans never worked out.

The exact date of opening hasn't been announced just yet but when it's available we will update this article.

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