UPDATE: We got an updated from Missy of FFF Wildlife Center today (8/18/20). The Hawk is a "hatchyear" Broad Winged hawk who is doing well. They were able to set the broken wing, the inflammation and bruising is is being managed. She reported that hopefully with a few weeks of PT they will get him back in the air.

State Trooper with Rescued Hawk photo credit via New York State Police Facebook

The New York State Police shared on their Facebook page today that one of their officers recently rescued an injured hawk from the side of the Taconic State Parkway.

Their aren't a lot of details on what exactly happen to the hawk or how the officer spotted the bird but he was successful in getting the bird into his cruiser and getting him to safety. According to the Facebook post with the help of the Dutchess County Sheriff's office they were able to get the bird to the FFF Wildlife Center for care.

FFF Wildlife Center also known as Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center is a not for profit organization, a 503(c)3, dedicated to helping injured and orphaned New York State wildlife. Located in Hunter, New York they are licensed to rehabilitate wildlife. They are a volunteer organization the works in conjunction with wildlife experts to help animals in need.

If you visit their website you can find out more about the great work they do. They have a wish list of supplies they can always use that includes things like towels and blankets, gas cards, home builder supply store cards and more. They also welcome monetary donations. You can sponsor an animal which will help with food, medical expenses, suppliers and housing for incoming wildlife.

After looking into this story I am glad to know that their is a group of people who are helping our New York State wildlife. I always hate to see a wild animal in need and it is great to know that their is someone who could possibly help. If you are a wild life fan you might want to find out how to become a volunteer. If we find out more about how the hawk is doing we will be sure to update this article. To see some of their tips for the dos and don'ts with wildlife checkout the FFF Wildlife Center Facebook page.

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