If Spring cleanup is on your mind you are probably also thinking how do I get rid of all this unwanted stuff? Depending on what it is you are planning to get rid of you may have a few options. Really cleaning out a garage can seem overwhelming so hopefully what I am about to share with you will help.

The first step is to understand what you are cleaning up and whether it is garbage or something that you can donate. If it is donatable many places will schedule a pick up even for big furniture. If you miss donation events you can always call to see if they are still taking stuff. Most times the pickup is free.

Where to Get Rid of Trash in the Hudson Valley, NY


You can also call a local junk service but they will most likely charge you.  However, the junk company should do all the work so if it is in your budget it might be the smart way to go just so you get it done. Most junk collectors will take just about everything even trash.

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So what do you do if it isn't donatable and the junk clean-up company quote is too much money? Simply, locate your closest Transfer Station and start making piles that can be loaded in the car or on a trailer if you have one. Most municipalities have a place where residents can take trash of all kinds. There is a fee involved but it is often less money than hiring a junk removal company.

Where You Can Dump Your Junk in the Hudson Valley

Vintage rummage junk pile storage area mess.

A list of Hudson Valley Transfer Stations

Hudson Valley Transfer Stations

This is a list of Hudson Valley Transfer Stations. Most are open to the public but a few have residency restrictions. Transfer stations are the best place to drop off unwanted trash. They sort and properly dispose of all types of materials.

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure Hudson Valley

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