A Hudson Valley man agreed to pay a hefty fine after he was caught illegally hunting animals.

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On Wednesday, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed an Ulster County hunter confessed to illegally hunting deer.

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In November 2020, Department of Environmental Conservation officer Bastedo responded to a hunting-related complaint and observed an untagged antlered deer and an untagged antlerless deer on the lawn of a residence.

The hunter, a man from Ulster County, produced his regular-season antlered deer tag and bow-muzzleloader tag filled out with the harvest information for that date.

The bow-muzzleloader tag cannot be legally used during the regular season, officials say.

A further investigation by ECOs Bastedo and Walraven determined the antlered deer was killed using a 25-caliber air rifle, which cannot be legally used to take deer, according to the DEC.


The officers issued tickets to the man for illegal take of a white-tailed deer, illegal implement and failing to tag as required. The man's regular-season antlered deer tag was seized along with his bow-muzzleloader tag and DEC donated the deer to a local food pantry.

Last week, the Ulster County man paid a penalty in the Town of Gardiner Court for the illegal taking of deer. He settled by civil compromise in court and agreed to $1,107.50 in fines and surcharges, according to the DEC.

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