November is here and it may seem that with the colder weather you can't get your favorite ice cream any longer at your favorite ice cream stand. Yes, it is true some have closed for the season but others will be here serving us ice cream with toppings like Hot Fudge well into the winter.

Don't let the chill of the winter weather talk you out of a trip to your favorite Hudson Valley ice cream shop that is willing to stay open all year round. The great thing about getting ice cream in winter is now all the wonderful warm toppings make sense. Caramel, Hot Fudge and even warm fruit toppings are going to taste so much better in winter weather.

Just because the holidays are approaching doesn't mean you have to give up the trip to the ice cream place for some delicious dessert. My husband and I regularly take a trip [ to our local Stewart's Shop in Port Ewen to grab ice cream for our Sunday facebook chatis with our grandson Colin.

You to can still grab up ice cream at some of your favorite Hudson Valley Ice Cream places.

A list of ice cream shops hoping you will stop by even though it is cold outside (UPDATED LIST on 11-3-2021)

Holy Cow Ice Cream - 7270 South Broadway #1 Red Hook NY

Blue Devil Dairy Barn & Grill - 138 South Main Street Ellenville NY

Cherries Ice Cream Bar & Grill - 4162 US Highway 209 Stone Ridge NY

Joe's Dairy Bar & Grill - 550 Route 82 Hopewell Jct NY

Coneheads Icecream Stand - 1049 Little Britan Road New Windsor NY

Jane's Ice Cream - 307 Wall Street Kingston NY

Frozen Caboose Ice Cream - 6 Haviland Road Highland NY

Lakeside Licks Ice Cream and Mini Golf - 288 Route 299 Highland NY (apparently they are closing this weekend so get there by 11-7-2021)

The Hudson Creamery - 55 Hudson Ave Peekskill NY

Boice Brothers Ice Cream - 62 O'Neil Street Kingston NY

Frostee Freeze - 123 East Main Street Walden NY

Custer's Last Stand - 176 Kingston Ave Wurtsboro NY

Zoe's Ice Cream Barn - 1181 Route 55 LaGrangeville NY

If we left off your favorite place let us know in the comments below.

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