Is it possible to have too many toppings on your hot dog? Probably, but I don't think so. I have actually been accused of having a hog dog with my salad I like to put so much stuff on it. So what are the top toppings for a hot dog? According to Yummy Dogs things like Mayo, Cheese, Chili and coleslaw make the list with Ketchup and Mustard coming in on top (no pun intended).

One thing I know for sure is you rarely see anyone eat a hot dog with nothing on it.  The thought of just the bun and the dog all by themselves almost seems un-american not to mention unappetizing. After all who really likes the taste of just a plain hot dog anyway?

I don't care if you have the best gourmet hot dog in town or just your average Oscar Mayer it needs at least Mustard. And that leads me to the other debate, Ketchup or mustard? Doesn't it seem people are one or the other and rarely both. I am the mustard person in my house and hubby does the ketchup.

So now that we have established Hot Dogs need toppings what are the top Hudson Valley Toppings? Here are a few suggestions:

As for Chili get take out from your favorite chili restaurant and Veggies for the top have to come from your favorite farm market and you can't go wrong.


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