Update: This article originally stated that the Catskill Game Farm closed in 2016. It closed in 2006.

It's finally happening!

All the way back on Feb. 23 we heard that the Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York was expecting a new family member. Their 15 year old giraffe named April and her baby daddy Oliver were getting set to give birth "any minute now." 

As we all know...that didn't happen.

Now almost after two months of checking in daily with live videos, April is ready to give birth (or depending on when you ready this, has already given birth).

While we waited for April to start pushing, we did some research and found that April was actually a Hudson Valley native. She was born at the infamous Catskill Game Farm in 2002. April was moved to another game farm after Catskill Game Farm sadly closed in 2006.

So here's to April and Oliver for finally having their baby. Thank you for giving us something to waste hours upon hours watching and distract us from all the political arguments on our Facebook timelines.

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