Just in time for Easter!

As we approach Easter (April 4th) weekend one of our favorite coffee spots in Kingston is getting in on the Easter candy fun with a specialty latte that we can't wait to try. Uptown Coffee located at 288 Wall Street in historic uptown Kingston has announced on their Facebook page that they are now featuring a Cadbury crème latte! The call it, "ridiculously delicious." They may be on to something here, in the fall season we see pumpkin flavored everything, everywhere, from coffee to beer to...well just about everything...LOL. Maybe the next big flavor can be Cadbury eggs?

I've written a few articles about the folks over at Uptown Coffee before, they have done a ton of great things over the last few months when it comes to folks working on the frontlines, all of the Hudson Valley first responders and teachers, by giving them free coffees a few times and when I saw them mention one of my favorite Easter candies I knew I had to write about it. Why?

Because you either LOVE the Cadbury egg candy or you HATE it! There really is no in between, right? I land on the side of LOVING them but...and it a big but...I can only eat one of them a year. That's it just one and I'm good until next spring...LOL!

How about you? Is the Cadbury egg a must have this time of year for you or is it something that you despise? Feel free to share your opinion with us through our app and if you stop into Uptown Coffee for a latte, text us what you think of it.

Happy early Easter!

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