The views across the Hudson Valley and Catskill areas are absolutely breathtaking, especially if you hit the hiking trails.

With that being said, sometimes people go above and beyond to take in those gorgeous views. However, going off the trails and climbing to new heights might not be the safest move.

One hiker learned that the hard way while hiking in Green County back in November. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation shared that back on November 21st two hikers from Long Island were " having trouble walking out to Prediger trailhead in the town of Hunter."

The 911 call came in around 5:15 pm when the hikers were returning from a two-night camping trip out at Echo Lake. On their way out of the woods to the Prediger trailhead,  one of the hikers decided to climb up a tree to check out the view.

That turned out to be a dangerous decision as said hiker fell 20 feet out of the tree. The fall caused the hiker to have difficulty walking the trail while being assisted by the other hiker. Adding to the confusion, the two hikers found themselves turned around.

According to a press release from the DEC  "Forest Rangers Dawson and Gullen responded and located the hikers three-quarters of a mile in and 100 feet off the trail." Once the hikers were located, Rangers Dawson and Gullen provided medical assistance and both hikers were able to use their poles to walk back to the trailhead with assistance from the Rangers.

This time of year can be tricky when it comes to hiking in the mid-Hudson region. Winter weather can throw a real wrench in your hiking plans. The DEC urges hikers to be prepared at all times for cold weather hiking. You can learn more r by visiting DEC.NY.GOV. 

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