It isn't every day that you hear a story of such heroism and courage like this... unless you know of the New York State Police, that is.

A group with the NYSP recently came to the rescue of an ice fisherman who, opposite the common idiom, found himself in cold water.

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Two fishermen were on Loon Lake in the town of Wayland, New York, when one man fell through the ice and into the water below. The other man couldn't pull him out, but luckily was able to get the quick help of Investigator Jeremy Hagadone, Trooper Matt McKinney, Trooper Rocky Cerretto, and Trooper Jason Allison.

Together, the team used a ladder and a lot of rope to lower Trooper McKinney into the water. Despite running out of rope, Trooper McKinney continued another 100 to 150 feet into the cold water to save the fisherman, pulling him to safety.

The man was then transported to a local hospital for treatment.

What an amazing story of dedication and bravery while facing a daunting task. Thank you to the whole team from the New York State Police who made the rescue possible.

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