Nothing says Merry Christmas like an enchanting helicopter ride over holiday light displays. The Hudson Valley is lit up from the most northern counties and reaches to the lower part near New York City.

Driving throughout the towns, it's relaxing to see the colorful lights flashing. I enjoy taking back roads and observing the dancing Santa's, reindeer displays and holiday décor on front lawns. Imagine seeing all of this from a bird's eye view?

Helicopter rides provide the opportunity to see incredible and breathtaking views. They also can give a new perspective from a view that you haven't noticed before. It could be a chance to relax, sit back and observe the beauty around you.

This could even serve as a holiday gift for a friend, family member or a surprise to someone close to you. It could also be a present that someone has never received before and allows them to try something new and exciting.

I would imagine that this would be one of those moments where you live in the present moment and look back and relive it. For me, I enjoy traveling, exploring new grounds and observing the beauty in the world. 

Before hopping into the airplane be sure to dress warmly, bring sunglasses and most importantly, have your phone charged to capture the beautiful views.

Wing Air has 12 minute helicopter rides with a reduction in price. Usually, the standard rate is $300, however, the new price is only $90. The trip begins with a departure from Westchester Airport and takes you through all of the sights above the Hudson Valley.

Along with a holiday present, this could also serve as the perfect way to propose, celebrate an anniversary or birthday. 

Wings Air Helicopter Rides, West Harrison

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There are helicopter museums in the Hudson Valley that you can also explore such as  Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome.

There's a flight school located in New Windsor called Independent Helicopters. In  Wallkill, a restaurant sits on the same grounds as an airport. Nu-Cavu Restaurant and Kolbelt Airport provide alluring opportunities for dinner and a view.

Have you ever been on a helicopter ride? Would you consider trying it? Share with us below.

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