I’m always looking for ways to relax, do something related to self-care or to wind down at night. I personally love taking Epsom salt baths which are therapeutic. It’s known that salt detox baths drain the toxins out of your body. I also enjoy using them if I’m sore from the gym or hiking.

Like salt bath, healing salt caves have made their way into the Hudson Valley. I have been to a few of these salt caves and have had such a good experience.

It feels like a breath of fresh air to set into a room filled with salt (typically Himalayan). You would then usually walk barefoot on the salt and sit on the ground or in a chair depending on the reason that you are there.

Salt caves are supposed to reduce inflammation, get rid of toxins within the body and can also help folks with allergies, asthma or even a cold.

My personal experience, I had a great time when I visited different salt caves. I felt as if I could breath better from my chest, that my allergies were clearing up and a sense of feeling lighter. The ambiance, mood and setting within the salt cave is magical.

Here are some healing salt caves within the Hudson Valley that are worth checking out.

Hudson Valley Healing Center, Poughkeepsie

They take pride in getting their Himalayan salt from Pakistan. Whether you are looking for a single session, a place to have an event or a space to hang out with family and or friends. Check out more here.

The Salt Therapy Room, Poughkeepsie,

Their salt room offers a peaceful space with lounge chairs and calming music. They have sessions all week for one person or a group. Head to the website for more info here.

Salt of the Earth, Chestnut Ridge

On-site, there are many services that are offered. Along with their salt cave sessions, Salt of the Earth offers acupuncture, massage, reiki, qigong and more. You can schedule a session for the salt cave or enjoy one of their other services.  For more details, check out more here.


Have you ever been to a salt cave? If not, would you go to one? Share with us below.

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