Halloween is one of the best times of the year. But sometimes you can be left guessing until the last minute what to dress up as. If you're looking for costume ideas for your next Halloween party or trick-or-treat outing, this new study may help you.

The results do bear the question though: is this really New York's favorite Halloween costume?

New York Loves...

All Home Connections used data on the most internet-searched Halloween costumes in each state, and New York's is a common favorite.

According to the study, New York loves vampires. Other neighboring states like New Jersey and Massachusetts seem to agree. Connecticut likes the Disney movie Encanto, and Vermont likes the classic cat costume.

The state of Maine likes Eleven from Stranger Things, and Montana's a fan of the character Wednesday Adams. Somewhat surprising is that West Virginia is the only state feeling zombies this year, and North Dakota has a thing for dinosaurs.


Here Come the Clowns 

Talk about a real Bozo. Police were on the lookout in late 2021 for some clown who knocked up a gas station in New York state early Wednesday morning. Authorities say the suspect is female, has a pale white face, orange hair, and has a really big red nose.

Yes, the suspect we are describing was dressed as a clown. This story might not be suitable for those who suffer from coulrophobia.


New York State Police say the robbery happened early morning at a Circle K gas station in Verona. Troopers say the suspect went up to the counter and brandished a weapon, before making off with an unknown amount of cash during the heist. Officials also pointed out that the clown was wearing all black and is around 5 feet tall. No word if authorities have checked any of the town's local sewer drains for red balloons or any other clues.

New York's Giant Pumpkin Record Falls

A new national record was set in NY for the largest pumpkin fall after only a week. Read HERE.

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