I don't use it often, but recently a few of my friends were trying to get me to FaceTime with them.

My phone rang and I saw that about 8 of my friends were calling me through FaceTime. I didn't answer because I honestly thought someone got hacked. However, I've since learned there's a way to have group FaceTime conversations with other iPhone users.

It seemed like a fun concept until I heard about the bug in the system that can actually drop in on your conversation before you even answer.

According to ABC News a high school student discovered a bug using the FaceTime application. Grant Thompson, 14, was trying to connect with his friends to play a video game. Grant called his friend Nathan and while waiting for him to answer he called his other friend Diego.

The call to Diego forced Nathan's FaceTime to answer without Nathan answering the call. The boys recreated the situation several times and every time they heard the person they were calling without them answering.

When the boys' story went viral, Apple stepped in. On Monday, January 28th, Apple temporarily disabled the Group FaceTime app.

A spokesperson for Apple told ABC News, "We're aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week."

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