Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that he’ll push to erase the death penalty from New York state law, reports.

While the state hasn’t executed anyone since 1963, the death penalty was reinstated under then-Governor George Pataki in 1995.

Why the change of heart? Well, let's just say Governor Cuomo may have received inspiration from a "higher level."Pope Francis condemned the punishment Thursday, referring to it as "inadmissible," CBS News reports.

It was the Pope’s condemnation, along with Cuomo’s father Mario’s own staunch opposition to the death penalty, that lead the current Governor to push for legislation to end the practice once and for all.

At this point, it’s more a symbolic act if anything. According to, the statute was declared unconstitutional by the New York Court of Appeals in 2004.

In 2007, John B. Taylor, who was the last remaining death row inmate in the state, saw his sentence reduced to life, according to the New York Times.

In 2008, Governor David Paterson issued an executive order that removed all execution equipment from state facilities.

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