We are going to call it bad news because in the end, it will all be worth it but for Drive-in moviegoers who were hoping to see the new Spiderman Movie this weekend at the Fari Oaks Drive-in in Middletown, you are going to have to make alternate plans.

Last week we told you about the Fair Oaks Drive-in having to postpone their season-opening night from Memorial Day Weekend to June 2nd, now it appears it will be postponed again to June 9th. In a social media post later yesterday (May 29th) Fiar Oak Drive-in management explained that they will need one more week to finish their renovations and improvements.

Fair Oak Drive-in in Middletown Postpones Opening Again

Fair Oaks Drive-in via Google 2
Fair Oaks Drive-in via Google 2

Due to the delay, they won't be showing Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse. Instead, the first movie they will be showing for the 2023 season will be Transformers - Rise of the Beasts on June 9th. The following weekend June 16th they will show The Flash and Pixar's Elemental (these are not being shown together). Also already on the schedule is Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny for June 30th

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Just like with the first announcement about the season-opening delay Fair Oaks was very upfront about their plans and their customers seem very understanding. Many people are commenting on social media that they appreciate that Fair Oaks does so much to make the place nice. A lot of customers are excited about the new screen and many have commented that it is their summer tradition and would miss it.

Starting to sound like a broken record here but in the years we have owned this Drive-In, we have always been honest with all of you with our updates and news. We are going to be delayed one more week. The work we undertook took a lot more time then we thought and we need a few extra days to dot all the I's and hammer all the T's. (via Fair Oaks Drive-in Theatre - Facebook)


Fair Oaks Drive-in in Middletown New York Discount Tickets for Opening

In the announcement that Fair Oaks posted on Facebook, they also mentioned that they will be offering a discount as a Thank You to all their loyal customers. On opening weekend June 9th Fair Oaks will have a $5 ticket price for all tickets. Their plan is to put tickets on sale but Wednesday (May 31) for both the June 9th weekend and June 16th. They have told people to follow the Fair Oak Drive-in Theatre Facebook page for updates and details.

We will be putting tickets on sale by Wednesday for June 9th and June 16th. And unlike our "competition", we will still accept credit cards, and online ticket sales, and the carload option will still be around. Thank You Again For All Your Patience! (via Fair Oaks Drive-in Theatre - Facebook)

Fair Oaks Drive-in Theatre Movie Schedule for June 2023




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