Should all tax paying New Yorkers be burdened with the hefty price tag?

The Excelsior Pass app is free to download but we're finding out that it's anything but free to run. If you're surprised then I just have another question for you. Who did you think was going to pay for this?

According to the data reported on New York State's website, the vaccination rate in New York seems to be barely crawling at this point. The total number of people who have completed the vaccine has been virtually the same for over a week now.

Will this number grow? Only time will tell at this point. The Pfizer vaccine may be the first to be have full approval from the FDA. As of now they only have only been approved for emergency use per the CDC.

There's a good chance that full FDA approval will put many people's minds at ease who have not gotten a shot yet.

To help monitor COVID-19 vaccination information, New York State has released the Excelsior Pass app. The app is a secure way to keep your vaccine information on file. It's marketed as the convenient and paperless way to travel in and out of places and businesses that require proof of having been vaccinated against COVID-19.

DNYUZ, reports numbers recently shared with the New York Times regarding the online application. It was originally projected to cost around $17 million of the course of 3 years. A few months ago, the contract was updated and an additional $10 million was reportedly tacked on to the total.

Some are saying this app is a distraction to real health issues facing the state.

This is New York. We should have known it was going to be expensive but is it worth the high price tag?

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