This simple step could possibly put an end to or at least cut porch piracy in half all across the Hudson Valley.

We spend a bunch of time around this time of year doing what we can to share tips that could prevent you from falling victim to porch pirates. There's no worse feeling than ordering something online, than waiting for it to be delivered, only to have some idiot steal it off of your porch or from outside the front door.

Law enforcement agencies from all across the Hudson Valley had issued warnings and ways to prevent it from happening but after reading through all of the suggested tips, and getting a text from a fan of the radio show there's one thing I don't see anyone saying that I think can end some of this.

Laura texted us asking the question, "Why don’t delivery drivers ring the doorbell anymore? I can't tell you how many times I'm home and looked out the front door to see a package. No doorbell, nothing! Ring the doorbell to let me know it's there. Isn't that common courtesy? I know it won't solve the whole problem but lazy drivers arent helping!"

First I wouldn't call delivery drivers lazy, delivering has to be one of the harder jobs especially this time of year but it does bring up a good question, why don't they ring the doorbell? I understand that ringing it would only help people that are actually home but it could help, right?

Michelle, a delivery driver in the Hudson Valley called us to let us know that the company she works for does not consider ringing the doorbell a common courtesy, she said, "we deliver at all times of the morning and day, how would you like it if I rang your doorbell at 6 a.m.?"

Do you think that ringing the doorbell should be required for all deliveries? Call or text us. If you'd like some tips to prevent porch pirates from hitting your house we have everything you need here.

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