Patrons at the Royal Deli got more than they bargained for Thursday morning, when a Nissan Altima suddenly came smashing through the store out of nowhere.

The NY Post says a 72 year-old woman was driving along Cropsey Avenue in Bath Beach when she was hit from behind by a FedEx truck. Clearly confused and upset, the woman then accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes and went sailing through the nearby deli.

The elderly woman's terrible day didn't end there. The Post says she tried to back out of the front of store, only to hit the gas again and hit a 47 year-old woman. The impact was hard enough to pin the other woman up against an ATM.

A other woman was actually a deli employee, who was off that day, but was at the store Thursday morning to grab a cup of coffee. It's not everyday you get hit by a car inside a building.

The other woman vented to the NY Post about her scary ordeal:

I’m dead. I couldn’t move . . . The Fire Department came, and I had to crawl through the car” to get loose.

Once out from the ATM, the woman reacted. Now this is where their stories differ. The woman says she grabbed the older driver's glasses and crushed them. The motorist and her daughter, who had run into the store to check on her mom after the crash, claim the other woman smacked her in the face.

The Post says the 47-year-old was cuffed by police and later given a ticket for criminal mischief and harassment. Luckily, neither woman was seriously hurt.

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